Broadcast iBeacon signal from Mac Os X using Command Line

February 21, 2021
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I wanted to find a way to broadcast an iBeacon signal from Mac OS X by customising the iBeacon advertisement’s values. The tools I explored didn’t allow me to modify the values essential for my Broadcast from Mac OS X, So I wrote a small CLI utility that will help me customise the broadcast signal. I later wanted to expand this tool for ALT Beacon & Eddystone Beacon. I’ll follow it up with an article on the usage of other beacon types when I get some spare time.

Installation Instructions

Install Homebrew from the following location. Once you have installed Homebrew, you can complete the jbeacon installation as shown below.

brew tap juliuscanute/formulae
brew install jbeacon

Usage Instructions

Here is the usage instruction assuming you have completed the installation.

Usage set UUID

jbeacon -uuid "efb8454c-6988-11eb-9439-0242ac130002"

set uuid for beacon

Usage set UUID & manufacturer

jbeacon -uuid "efb8454c-6988-11eb-9439-0242ac130002" -manufacturer 1234

set uuid & manufacturer

Usage set UUID, manufacturer, major, minor & tx

jbeacon -uuid "efb8454c-6988-11eb-9439-0242ac130002" -manufacturer 1234 -major 1 -minor 2 -measuredPower 128

set UUID, manufacturer, major, minor & tx

Source Code

Are you interested in customising this for your own needs. You can find the project repository.


This CLI utility uses or based on the following open source projects

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