How to setup Touch Capture?

March 26, 2019

How to setup Touch Capture?

Touch Capture can operate in rooted and non-rooted phones. The procedure for setup is simple in rooted phones as compared to non-rooted phones. I will walk you through the steps required to set up Touch Capture in non-rooted phones and indicate the subset of steps required on rooted phones by marking it in the subsections. The tag Non-Rooted indicates that these steps are applicable for Non-Rooted phones and the Tag Rooted indicates the steps are relevant in a rooted phone.

Step One(Non-Rooted)

Touch Capture requires ADB to be downloaded and set up in your desktop machine.

Step Two(Non-Rooted)

You have to enable USB debugging in your phone. The process slightly differs between different phone models. Kindly refer to the reference documentation for your phone.

Step Three(Non-Rooted)

Connect your phone to your computer and make sure your computer can identify your device using ADB. The device ID is unique for your device.

> adb devices
List of devices attached
abcdedj3847dh383  device

Step Four(Non-Rooted)

Execute the following command to start ADB in TCP/IP mode. Currently, its fixed at 4554 later I’ll provide options for you to change this.

> adb tcpip 4554

Step Five(Non-Rooted and Rooted)

Touch Capture will require storage permission to record and store tests on your phone, and without this permission, touch capture can’t operate.

Step Six(Non-Rooted and Rooted)

Touch Capture will download a support module which is the heart of Touch Capture functioning. It is used to capture and inject events into the system. Without this “Touch Capture” won’t operate.

Verify Touch Capture

All apps under test have to be launched from Touch Capture launcher screen.

One time permission (Rooted and Non-Rooted)

When launching an app from the launcher for the first time, the following permissions are requested.

Appear on Top

Touch Capture needs permission to appear on top so that it can draw UI over other apps and make it easy for you to record and playback touch events.

Usage Tracking

Touch Capture requires usage tracking permission to cluster test based on the current foreground activity.

In the sample below I have launched CodePath Pizza application for testing. Tap on Touch Capture icon to get the operations(Capture Touch Events, Play Touch Events, Repeatedly Loop Touch Events) you can perform using Touch Capture.

Once you have recorded a test, it will appear in the list of previously recorded tests.

Tests will be categorised automatically under the app on which tests have been recorded when done from Touch Capture launcher. Here it can be organised and provided to developers for further inspection.

Shut Down Touch Capture

In order to properly shut down touch capture pull down touch capture from notification and touch the cross icon to shut down the service.


Let me know your thoughts on what you think and what you want. Your feedback will help me improve this product and in turn, help you increase your productivity.

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