Why Touch Capture?

March 26, 2019

What is the problem solved by Touch Capture?

Everybody knows UI is fragile prone to constant change. It is difficult for automation testers to keep up with the change. Even manual testers have the problem when testing several complicated flows in retracing the steps they have taken to produce a crash. Touch Capture can save your time in testing without learning Mobile testing frameworks. Reduce your testing life cycle significantly.

What is Touch Capture?

Touch Capture is a powerful testing tool for mobile Apps on Android. This not a screen recorder. It provides you the ability to capture your touch events performed in your mobile and executes the same actions.

Should test cases be always written?

You can touch test cases. Touch Capture changes the way to test mobile applications on Android mobiles. Touch, capture, execute. Touch and capture once and execute multiple times, on multiple devices, on different android versions, on various versions of the same app.

Use Case #1: Helps Manual Testers

User flow test by a manual Tester

To illustrate the use case with an example, I have picked up a sample application and have introduced a crash when the user clicks on the third element. The playback below depicts a user flow tested by a manual tester and when the Tester touches the third item the App Crashes. Imagine if this were a complicated flow it would be difficult for the Tester to remember the exact sequence of events to reproduce the crash.

User flow test with Touch Capture

With the help of Touch Capture, the tester will not lose the exact sequence of events that lead to the crash. The playback below illustrates the example of a tester launching the app under test from Touch Capture’s launcher and starting the event recorder before carrying out the test. When the app crashes all the events until the point that drove the crash are captured to the file and can be played back later to see how it happened.

Replay of the user flow by Touch Capture

The events that lead to the crash were recorded earlier during the capture phase. The playback below illustrates how Touch Capture mimics the exact tester actions and reproduces the same crash.

Organise the Touch Cases for Developers Inspection and Validation

After the manual tester has compiled the issues identified it can be provided to the necessary stakeholder for further inspection. The playback below illustrates this process.


Let me know your thoughts on what you think and what you want. Your feedback will help me improve this product and in turn, help you increase your productivity.

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